Football and Tennis Equipment

These two sports dominate the sports scene worldwide, and are the choice of so many people who are either just at the beginning of their sports endeavor, or who are already practicing. Due to their highly demanding nature and complexity, the corresponding equipment that needs to be used for football and tennis is also quite complicated, and it comes in an array of different shapes and sizes. This page will allow people to learn more about the apparel and equipment used for these two sports, the different properties of each piece of equipment, and the purpose served by each one.

Football equipment entails the actual ball and the specific apparel, combined with football boots, which are purposefully designed to provide maximum grip, and at the same time offer excellent playability and shooting strength, whilst also offering protection for the toe and foot area.

Most likely featuring crampons, be they detachable or integrated ones, the major brands offering football boots are Adidas, Nike, Puma, and even Rebook. In terms of clothing, the accent is maintained on preserving breathability, while offering protection and structural functionality.

Additional accessories, such as the gaiters, are meant for offering tibia and calf protection during the game.

Tennis on the other hand, is an individual sport, yet it requires incredible stamina and concentration, not to mention actual skills with the racket and tennis ball. The main pieces of equipment are the balls themselves, where some of the most prominent models come from companies such as Dunlop, Slazenger or Head.

The most important piece of equipment, the racket, has been through an impressive evolution during the last 50 years: today’s models being produced out of “Space-Age” materials, such as carbon, graphene, and even fiberglass. Featuring a variable string pattern and impressively diverse grip types, the modern tennis rackets are produced by companies such as Yonex, Wilson, Head, Prince, and Babolat.

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