Determining the Appropriate Mountaineering Equipment

As with hiking gear, choosing the right mountaineering equipment is also highly dependent on the environment where the equipment will be used. This dependency is extremely important, since most of the time, the high alpine environment where mountaineering gear is being used, is tincreasingly harsh and demanding.

Several tips on how to select appropriate hiking gear will be provided on this page, this way users can better understand which piece of gear best suits a certain activity, and which guidelines should be followed, when selecting mountaineering gear.


  • The duration of the mountaineering trip or expedition is a critical factor, and unlike hiking trips, mountaineering trips are always far more extensive. They can last up to several months. Since the terrain that is traversed during this time can vary greatly, a common practice is to also take along hiking gear for the less demanding sections.
  • The mountain range where the expedition will take place, determines the particular pieces of gear that need to be selected. For instance, a trip in the alps, at under 5000 meters, will require a far less isolated and strengthened pair of boots; whereas an extensive expedition in the Himalayas or the Andes, where heights are constantly above 8000 or 6000 meters respectively, will most likely require the use of highly insulated, strong mountaineering boots, with automatic crampon compatibility.
  • The season in which the expedition takes place is another important aspect to consider when selecting mountaineering gear. This is because the temperature variation can be significant from one season to another. Winter time in the high alpine area can be far more cold and harsh, and therefore, necessitates extensive amounts of insulating layers. In the summertime, the weather is a bit more mild, even in the alpine regions, and the need for extreme isolated apparel isn’t all that important.

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